For website creation services, we bid by the job. This provides you a firm-fixed price that makes your budgetary process easier.

Webmaster services are quoted on a monthly basis, providing you a flat-rate for a guaranteed number of hours of service each month. Overage charges may apply during months in which you have extra work. There are no long-term contracts; webmaster services are performed on a month-to-month basis.

Website programming includes expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, ActionScript, PHP and MySQL. These services are generally bid by the hour, though we are able to bid by the job during cases where a clearly defined goal is agreed upon.

Graphics Work is generally bid by the job. The cost of purchasing artwork will be passed directly to our clients.

Video and Audio work is bid by the job. Video work includes script-writing, shooting, editing, encoding and online delivery. Audio work includes script-writing, recording, mastering and delivery. Background soundtracks, if any, will be purchased separately and billed directly to the client.