What's Your Story

Making Websites Work for You

Tell a story with your website, and people will listen

It's a fact. People like stories. They tell stories, they listen to stories. People use stories to illustrate ideas. In the business world, your story is told by your website. Everything from the colors you choose to the theme of your graphics to the edited copy is used to capture attention and draw potential customers to your site to listen to your story.

Let Ruysdael Design help you tell your story and get your points across. We work with artists, writers and programmers to provide that special edge that'll capture your customers' attention. When you have their attention, you can tell them your business story. And when they understand your story, customers will interact directly with your company. Your customers will become a part of your story.

Getting Started

You want your website to be more than just a pretty face. You need it to do the hard work for you; that is, attract customers, look at your business and consider your products. Business websites are tools of Marketing, and Marketing is an extension of sales. Marketing puts people into the sales funnel and guides them toward the purchase. Your website is therefore the first, and most prominent, face of your company. Sure, it needs to be pretty, but it needs to get the job done.

Align Expectations
Set realistic expectations with management. Begin by determining what you want from your website and understanding the tradeoffs. Your website will require an investment of time and resources, but it will reward your company with quality sales leads and continuous customer loyalty.
Build a marketing infrastructure
Prepare your team to use the website as their most valuable marketing tool. Train them to provide fresh and interesting information to the site, as well as how to harvest valuable information from it. Learn how to use the site as a 24x7x365 marketeer.
Create a Visual Experience
Weave artwork and content into your company's story. Visually guide your prospective customers through the buying cycle: from awareness to investigation to evaluation to commitment. Provide avenues of communication so your customers' concerns are answered promptly.