Expert Website Programming by Ruysdael Design

We maintain expertise in all website programming technologies

The latest web specifications provide a lot of new functionality, much of which is absolutely necessary for your mobile sites. Desktops and mobile devices alike are taking advantage of this new technology to bring pages to life and provide a superior experience to your customers.

Flash and ActionScript

For more than a decade, Adobe® Flash® has been the dominant in-browser application framework providing engaging animations and expressive applications. The ActionScript programming language provides Flash animations with intelligence to implement ultimate flexibility expressed in both visual and audio realms.


JavaScript and jQuery take advantage of the browser's ability to process information and display it in a dynamic and interesting fashion. Also, by forcing browsers to do more work, JavaScript/jQuery lightens the load on your servers, allowing them to scale and handle more traffic.

Content Management System

"CMS" refers to the practice of updating your site to keep all content fresh and relevant. You can hire a small staff to update your pages manually, or you can use a framework, like Zend, Symfony, Yii or CodeIgniter to do these tasks automatically. Updating your site can be as simple as updating ordinary documents.


Advanced websites are primarily database driven. The most popular database back-end is MySQL, and PHP is the most popular website programming language. Together, these two technologies manage your content, making it easy to keep your website fresh and relevant.